6 St. Joseph House
…encouraging  people at the crossroads of their lives


A Practical and Creative Approach to Engaging Citizens

in More Compassionate Responses to the Challenges of

Livelihood and Homelessness

6 St. Joseph is a compassionate place of friendship, people who are taking a step up from livelihood challenges, while connecting them to a “home” and a community of people ready to help others. Many of its activities have the potential to  serve as a model for outreach programs at other neighbourhood centres.

Located in downtown Toronto near Yonge & Wellesley St., 6 St Joseph House is a creative resource centre where everyone, no matter what their circumstances, has an opportunity to contribute their talents, feel a sense of belonging, and receive support from one another.

It is a place where positive life-change is a realizable goal, and where people of all backgrounds pitch in to lead the programs & activities. From the beginning, the goal has been to invite people from diverse backgrounds to work together and support those taking positive steps out of addiction, social isolation, panhandling, and homelessness.

This Is How It Happens


(our society handles this part well)


Mental Health Treatment

Addiction Rehab

Broken Person living in despair or homeless due to mental illness and/or addiction

Returning To The
Same Environment

(this is where the

system breaks down)

(the revolving door)




Our Solution

Our solution is a community driven self-sustainable model that inspires personal dignity,
self responsibility and ability to contribute to society based on personal creativity, gifts and talents.

Recovering person regaining health, dignity, & self sufficiency

With the help of further funding we can begin to document the compelling results we have been witnessing in each of these categories that contribute to the heath and well being of individual.
This ‘real world’ research will be invaluable to the continued understanding of mental illness.

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